Thursday, 12 June 2014

Caught on Camera

I'm in the middle of my A2 exams at the moment, so getting out looking for nature is more difficult than it has ever been. I still try to do what I can in my revision breaks though, such as setting up an 'Apple Cam' outside a mouse burrow in my garden:

I was hoping to have more species come to the apple to feed, but that Crow at the end had other ideas!

I keep my phone on me wherever I go, so I've still managed to take pictures of the interesting things I've seen while I've been out and about over the past couple of weeks: 

A Wasp nest, complete with larvae

A smashed open egg- not sure of the species, but 7 were spread out along the footpath

These Canada Geese are nesting at my school. This year they've had 8 chicks!

A Poplar Hawk-moth, spotted on my way into an exam

The scientific name of this Froghopper is Cercopis vulnerata, meaning 'Wounded Froghopper'- it's helped me with my Latin revision!

A Cinnabar Moth

I have a Biology exam tomorrow. Thankfully most of it's about ecology, but I'll still be glad to get back outside when it's all over!

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